Meet The Team

Together Dani, Vivienne and Di have created a protocol that really makes a difference.

They have all worked as independent practitioners for many years, but they found by working together at the optimal time for each individual, their results showed to be outstanding. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Could not have been more appropriate than it is here!

The complex reasons for poor health today have led to a mutation in our body’s processing ability and had an impact on our immune systems. This includes the depletion of nutrients from our foods, differing lifestyles, history of trauma and stuck emotional patterning.

It stands to reason that when one is depleted of nutrient base that this will have a demanding effect on other elements of the body spectrum. For example, if we are attempting to return missing data and hope that the input of frequencies from quantum energy technology will make a difference to the regeneration of corrected cell function, the body needs to be supported by a full nutrient base as well as a clearing of emotional stress load.

How can one expect to form the perfect cell or its function with any of these elements missing?

Stress in any form will have an adverse effect on the body – we all know this – however not many of us truly understand how emotional stress can traumatise the body. Over time if the stress / trauma is not addressed can lead to symptoms in the physical body. It is only when they become debilitating that we take notice. 

So, our protocol involves dealing in all three areas of the human spectrum, 

The physical – the symptom

The emotional – how we feel

The spiritual – what we believe or perceive

It is for this reason that Vivienne, Dani and Di bring their individual skills together to facilitate optimal recovery for the individual.