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Vivienne Constad has been working with Cosmodic for nearly 20 years and is one of the world’s top Cosmodic practitioners working today

• Official representative of the inventor of Cosmodic, Alexander Karasev

• Providing training for doctors and practitioners globally

• Provides consultation from her own clinic and also private clinics and hospitals

• Programming presentations and workshop days for interested parties

• Training for the home user

See below at the treatments Vivienne offers to clients and also the devices and products that Cosmodic can offer practitioners and home users alike.

Cosmodic ®

It is a technology that by using electronic bio-feedback, gives back to the brain information, that has been lost, damaged or had compromised. It is used for recovery and rehabilitation of the body and is not primarily concerned with fixing conditions but more with finding causes and impairments and correcting them. link

Quantum iLife/iNfinity

Quantum iLife/Infinity is a most remarkable tool. Similar to Quantum Genius, both are use in tandem with Cosmodic or a standalone therapy and can be used remotely. link

Quantum Genius Health App

Quantum biofeedback is a new form of biofeedback. It differs from the principles of traditional biofeedback in that it attempts to restore the correct frequencies to their natural state of vibration. link

Lympha Press

This is a high quality, compression therapy system. Using Lympha Press products compliments manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatments, to help dramatically improve patient health. link

Bio Meridian Vantage

A Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement tool. It measures the resistance between two points on a meridian. Totally non-invasive. link

Learn more about Vivienne Constad, what her experiences working in the Cosmodic ® field and her practioner colleagues.

Once you have attended Vivienne Constad’s course you are invited to exchange ideas, views and share your experiences on the official Cosmodic Training Group on Facebook.