July 2016

We have just completed our most recent training at our regular local venue. 

It was a most rewarding group with participants who came to join us from many countries around the world, including Canada, Sweden, Australia and good old Blighty!

This time according to our feedback we achieved 98% commendations with the the suggestions of just an additional flow chart for uses of each working setting. Hats off to us here I believe!

Our participants learned how to use their devices more proficiently and in which modes at which times. They also had an overview of basic epigenetics as well as nutrition and basic A and P. 
They learned how to make the best use of their time in a session and how to lead a course of treatment as well as optimise a new way of working to enhance the benefits of a holistic approach.

As usual Chris Kitch supplied us with some outstanding food on all three days and our Cosmetology course on the 4th day which was implementing the use of the ENT probe was outstanding.

We had some outstanding practitioners / doctors who shared their knowledge and experience and we have to say, with the greatest of entertainment to us all. We had a great laugh and a hard working 4 days throughout which we all learned new tricks!

We would like to thank all those patients who came in for us for treating as the course was so valuable having real patients to work with. A huge thank you to you all.

We have some photos this time around to share …