July 2015

Training in June at our regular hospital venue

We were greeted with a warm welcome at the Hospital in June even though we took in a weekend day this time around.

We were pleased to see practitioners this month form Tobago as well as India and locally of course. the three days were very exciting and those who attended were pleased to see that our local chef form Chris Kitch did us proud once again supplying us with the most wonderful organic, wheat and dairy free vegetarian food.

We shared many private break-through moments and each participant took away something very special with them.
The time rushed by very quickly and on our guest day, one patient who had been sent over from the surgical ward last time, returned to us to repeat her experience.

We were pleased to include one of our own participants who gave us some additional data that he had been taught previously and we all enjoyed the new learning curve! Thank you Roger.

More details can be seen on our Scenar Facebook training page – Scenar training Facebook page (link to come) for now please type Scenar Training into your Facebook account search bar.

Some photos of the course: