New Clinic in Bahrain!

We are delighted to say we are working with a new clinic in Bahrain under the direction of Cara Mattias.

Below are some of Cara’s recent cases.

Case 1: Back and Sciatica issues

I was excited to try out Cosmodic therapy with Cara Mattias as she had told me that it heals on a cellular level. After scanning the body the therapy begins. Cara guided me in a very professional manner. My issue was connected with a back issue which lead to referral sciatica and other issues. After the treatment I felt refreshed and the pain disappeared completely.

After the treatment I left feeling light and energized, completely cleansed and believe that as the treatment works on a cellular level, it had also healed other issues that I was not aware of. I cannot recommend Cara and this revolutionary new treatment highly enough. Cara is my spiritual Guru!!

Case 2: Physical and Emotional Health Issues

This treatment is unlike any other I ever experienced. The readings of the device about issues in the body are totally accurate in line with problems experienced in the body. The impact of the treatment can be felt instantly and areas that felt previously sore, tender or stiff already feel better straight after the treatment, lifting out pain, tension and physical strain. But it doesn’t end there. Even in the days after treatment I could still register gradual improvements and new positive sensations.

For example, my appetite increased and there was a general sense of peace and wellbeing following the treatment. Also the previous ‘trouble’ areas seemed to still be undergoing healing even after the treatment. This has been one of the most powerful healing treatments I have ever received – whilst at the same time influencing our health on many levels. I can highly recommend it, especially for those seeking instant improvements and a ‘whole being’ approach.

Case 3: Back Issues

Both these audio testimonials are from the same patient with back problems who had been referred to Cara. The patient’s issues had been ongoing for over twenty years.

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