September 2013

Training this month took place at the Whittington Hospital Education Centre.Despite the fact that the Hospital rearranged our regular room, our training was once again incredibly exciting. 

We were pleased to have met new participants from many distant places across the globe such as Barbados, India and South Africa.

As always we had a fantastic guest day where patients were invited to come in for treatment and in fact we had so many new patients, including even a member of the Whittington staff, who returned to her office jumping around showing off her newly acquired ability to leap over tables!!

I think it fair to say that almost each participant with exception of possibly one, achieved a major break through in at least one area either learning curve or in being treated or in treating.

Also lastly but not least, with Sherine’s assistance in taking charge I was able to work one to one with a couple of the students and in fact in doing so, we were able to create demonstrations of phenomenal change within the session! So a generous thank you to Sherine from us all for that.

We were able this time once again to find a moment to take a few photos, some snap shots and also a group photo.

At this training we introduced a local chef to our participants. His name is Chris Kitch, a wonderful and now, we are happy to say, local guy. He and his team provided us with the most wonderful array of vegetarian, wheat dairy and gluten free food for each of our 3 days. In fact it became as important as the itinerary!! here are a couple of the meals he prepared for us and boy! did they taste good.

Chef Chris has worked with a range of world class chefs during his diverse career – including Gordon Ramsay, David Nicolas, Chris Janson and Henry Brosi.

He has worked in some of the worlds best establishments; including the “first seven star hotel” Burj Al Arab, the Dharmawangsa in Jakarta, the Dorchester in London, The Mena House in Egypt.  Whilst working as the sous chef at the Al Maraha restaurant in the Burj Al Arab  in the UAE, the restaurant achieved a world ranking of Number 3.