Mexico November 2013

A great time was had by all this week in Mexico.This was our training for professionals with also the debut of our Cosmetology day.

We had an unexpectedly large number of students arrive at the eleventh hour and although it seemed virtually impossible to include them all, we in fact made two further courses during our trip and accommodated everybody.

According to feedback sheets we exceeded everyones expectations and already have a waiting list for the next course!

The standard as usual was at a high level and all participants appeared to be doing very well and in fact since, we have had some amazing cases produced at the time and since. We have some on the site submitted by the student practitioners concerned with contact details included. Testimonials and more to come…

We spent many hours working hard but we didn’t forget to take in the beautiful surroundings, swimming in the ocean across the street and trialling the local restaurants.

We had some wonderful assistants who catered and organised all of our wants and needs and we would like to thank them all for their endless energy and support. Thanks so much you to ALL!

We worked so hard that we almost forgot to take any photos. However although we have none of the entire groups we have included a small number of snapshots submitted by some participants.