April 2013

April training required a new venue at the last moment! Having recently refurbished our downstairs we decided to train our students here!
We supplied home cooked organic vegetarian meals each day and had attendees from as far away as Mexico, Spain and Poland. 

Thank you to Sherine who prepared the most sumptuous meals for us each day leaving everyone although totally filled, craving for another day’s menu!

We were so very busy and having a good time that only an assistant managed to take a few candid photo shots whilst we were working, however we all forgot to pose for any group photos, such a shame. Below are some quick snaps taken from our time together. We spent each afternoon working with patients who kindly came in for for treatment.

Each student appeared to be doing very well (as always). As well as our theoretical mornings and practical afternoons we also included, by requests of our students certain demonstrations similar to those that we carry out with a new client on a first visit regarding screening and testing for diagnosis and / or nutrients. 

They were very impressed with how the screening that we took had shown, almost a mirror image of our readings with Cosmodic! However to be able to give a printed and colour coded chart to take home we decided was very motivating for the client.

A student who left early on day 3 did comment that they had felt a little more time practising on clients more, would have been more beneficial!

Overall by day 3 around the lunch table, everyone expressed that they had learned things quite differently to that which they had expected and were totally surprised to find how much more confident they were now. That they had very specific needs when they arrived and although were totally surprised with our training as it was not as they had expected, they were now all working and getting results with each other and the visiting guests unlike anything they had previously seen! 

We even had students from previous training days who came in each day to assist around lunches for us, of course they were well rewarded!