The Benjamin Constad Protocol

Together Vivienne Constad and Dani Benjamin have developed a protocol, which entails detailed case taking, energetic testing / re-balancing plus most importantly changes to diet and lifestyle. This is paramount to supporting the work of the two technologies to maximise results.

This is Quantum Medicine; with Asyra/Qest4 we explore the root causes of health issues and return to the body data that it asks for. With Cosmodic ENS we are returning the methodology and corrected processing data which enables the brain to initiate recovery.


“I have worked professionally in recovery with people since 1994.
Since the beginning the way in which I worked has changed. It developed somewhat organically with the use of different protocols. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I was fortunate enough to meet and work with the inventor of the original S.C.E.N.A.R. technology, Alexander Karasev, (then already having invented and perfecting Cosmodic technology).
Over the following few years the results I could enable my patients to achieve were immeasurable. However slowly but surely it became obvious to me that on-going diet and lifestyle changes were paramount to a full recovery. It was only in a chance meeting with Dani Benjamin that for me, the final piece slotted into place. Not only were we like sisters, but we thought alike, worked alike and loved the work that we were both doing. Together we developed a protocol using the technologies of Cosmodic / ENS plus the technology of Asyra Qest4. As a naturopathic nutritionist Dani’s input to me was invaluable and so very logical. It just made sense that together we were able to create a stronger and more productive regime for those who chose the alternative route to recovery.”

Vivienne Constad

There are a number of aspects to consider with regards to all treatment.

There is evidence today to suggest that majority of discrepancies in the body can stem from continual and consistent disturbances that are ignored and stay unprocessed in the energetic field. This is where we look to ascertain and return corrected data and begin to enable the body to correct itself. The journey is long and hard as natural things tend to be and one needs to be vigilant and disciplined in order to follow it.

It is important that one begins to understand how different this is from medical model.

Your first session can take anything from 2 to 3 hours depending on your medical history, however follow up visits would be more like 40 minutes to 1 hour.

We often work together on this protocol as well as individually.

For more information regarding Asyra Qest4 and Dani's solo treatments please visit her site here


Disclaimer. Each individual case has to be ascertained and judged on its own merits and until we can establish how well your body is able to begin recovery it is impossible to second-guess how much treatment it may take. There are no guarantees in any form of medicine. In either medical model or alternative practice each case may react totally differently to the same treatment. Much of the outcome will be due to the skill of the practitioner and the hard-working input and compliance of the patient. With the correct fuel the body will have what it needs to begin recovery of corrected tissue. From our testing and experience we will be able to customise a program for you and make changes for you to consider in both your diet and lifestyle, which will support our working in session with you. It is not about working with conditions or symptoms; our working is to restore lost function and corrected data to cell function and by working in this way the body is able to begin to eliminate toxic load which has been stored in the body and regenerate corrected cell tissue. It is neither diagnostic nor curative.